Think Twice

The saying ‘you never really know what someone is going through’ could not be more widely used today.

It is factually correct, but as a mental health charity, we think it’s our duty to shine the light on mental health.

We have been exceptionally lucky to partner GQ and Esquire international photographer Alexander Beer. Not only is Alexander passionate about mental health, he’s passionate about people and the work that PH7 are achieving with our free anxiety and depression courses within the mental health charity.

Over the course of three days in sunny February, Alexander swapped the bright lights of London for the hills of Lancashire.

This wasn’t just a photograph taking exercise. All the people you are about to see were put through an emotional and difficult journey.

They ventured back to their worst points in life, the dark places they never want to visit again and their deepest secrets that make even the most tough people shed a tear.

All of the images are real, raw, emotional and most of all authentic.

These are people you meet in every day life. It takes you behind the facade of not knowing what people are going through, and tells you in graphic detail.

Some of the people we have told their stories in full, so people truly know and feel what they have been through.

We hope this campaign will help everyone to ‘Think Twice’… because when you see someone in the street, or ask a friend how they are – now you really will know and understand what they are potentially going through.

We hope it creates conversation, allows people to know they are not alone, helps people to speak out and for anyone going through a mental health problem – we hope this gives you hope, that one day you can come out the other side.

With love,

Team PH7

"I lost my identity. Which almost made me take my life"

"When you get so tired of letting people down, suicide seems like the only option"

"I will never be good enough for myself"

"I wanted to go to bed and wake up in a month"

"I blame myself for my step dads suicide"

"The life and soul of the party, who couldn't leave the house"

"Depression isn't supposed to happen to people like me"

"My horses revealed the root of my PTSD & put me on the path to recovery"


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A Word From The Photographer...

I did this campaign as I feel the word mental health is still a taboo world that people do not like to really talk about.
It affects everyone in your lifetime, in a small way or a big way. No one is immune.
People are taking about it slowly but not many are listening, I believe it’s time for that to change.
Even if this project stops 1 person taking their life and seeking help then this will be worth while. Depression and suicide rates in our country are not acceptable, and we need to take some responsibility for change to occur.
The imagery of ‘Think Twice’ we captured with a shock factor in mind. We want these pictures to stop people when they see or walk past them. We want people to read the stories behind the faces, helping people to associate with them and realise this affects everyone.

I’m exceptionally grateful to all of the people in the portraits. This was not an easy experience for them. They let me in to some of their darkest places, with a hope that it would help others. I’ll forever be honoured to have been the man they allowed to do this. Thank you.

Alexander Beer

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