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The Massive Mental Walk covers 111 miles over 6 days in August, because 111 people take their lives each week.

The walk is broken down into 6 parts, with 19 people each day representing the 111. Friends and family are encouraged to join the walk, because mental health can only be solved with the support of others.

Each leg of the massive mental walk covers an area of mental health importance. Every day sets an incredible physical, mental and emotional challenge for our participants.

Each one of our 111 people are aiming to raise £1000 each. The money raised goes towards free anxiety and depression courses, which are literally changing lives.

Why PH7?

PH7 offer free depression and anxiety courses to the general public. They have a unique 4 week course that treats mental illness as a mental, spiritual and physical illness. The course is held three times a week and offers group therapy, education around the brain, one to one therapy, yoga and other holistic treatments.

Course Recovery Rates

We put 83% of people into recovery from depression, and 94% of people into recovery from anxiety.

The start of The Massive Mental Walk








You're IN! What next?

How to Take Donations

1. Set up your ‘Just Giving Page’. This is the best way for people to donate on your behalf.

Simply go to www.justgiving.com and click ‘Start Fundraising’ for a charity.

Writing Your Post

2. The best way to get people to donate money on your behalf is to be open, honest and direct. Write your ‘Just Giving’ page, and all your posts on social media from the heart.

Tell people why mental health is important to you, why you want change and why you’re doing this.



Social Media

Social media is vital for reaching people. Ask people on all social media platforms to donate to your cause. Again, writing openly and honestly it vitally important. We’re all in this together to get more people help, we can do this by putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable.

Further Help

If you would like any further help with posts, pictures or information you can put in your social media posts. Drop us an email annabel@ph7wellbeing.co.uk – will be happy to send you some content!

Family and Friends

Reach out to everyone you know! Mental health will only be solved with the support of others. Get people to join you in the walk. Even if they don’t raise money, it’s super important you are supported in your journey.

We welcome support from anyone and everyone. If someone you know wants to join the walk as one of our 111, please put them in touch with us.

Corporate Sponsorships

If you work for a company, they will probably like to know that you’re taking part in our walk. A lot of organisations want to actively support mental health in various ways.

They may wish to donate to your Just Giving page, or they may want more of their staff to get involved. 

Have a chat with your management, and if we can help in any way, please put us in touch.


We think some of these statistics are really important to highlight in your Just Giving pages, social media posts and general conversations.

Help us spread the word about the mental health crisis, the more people that know the harsh reality – the more people will want it to change.

84 men take their lives each week and 27 women.

Whilst the UK suicide statistics are stabalising, the North West’s are rising.

1 in 15 people will try and take their lives at some point.

1 in 4 will be diagnosed with a mental health problem.

FREE Mental Health First Aid Training

Each one of our 111 people is offered free mental health first aid training. If you want to access this, please send an email to rebecca@ph7wellbeing.co.uk

We can then book you on for the next course. The course takes two days, and we do them over 2 Sunday’s. After you have completed the course you will have a recognised qualification in mental health first aid.


We hold groups for our 111 and the general public where you can access support and help for mental health. 

You may have a mental health problem, or you want to be better at supporting people with them. Our groups are for anyone who has been affected directly, or indirectly by mental health.

The more people that come together and talk, the quicker we can break stigma and help people.

You can view information about our groups, including, times, location and days on our page ‘Groups’.

Rebecca – ‘450 Suicidal Days’

This is why we do it…

We commissioned an international photographer to take the portraits of some people taking part in ‘The Massive Mental Walk’.

Each person has a story where they have been affected by mental illness in someway. Click their pictures and the link to our ‘Think Twice’ campaign to learn more.

Will – I lost my identity when I lost my job, which almost caused me to lose my life.