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About us & FAQ

PH7 Life is a mental health charity dedicated not just to talking about mental health and raising awareness, but actively changing it.

We offer free mental health first aid training, courses for depression and anxiety, group services, ambassador program and a home for all the people who felt they never really had one.

PH7 LIFE change people, systems, processes and most importantly, we change lives.

What does PH7 Life Do?

PH7 LIFE is a charitable organisation.

We were born from ‘PH7 Wellbeing’, our head office and lead therapy centre. We have over 30 therapists who are committed to ending the mental health crisis.

Along with our CEO Paul, our therapists created our 4-week program that reduces depression and anxiety.

We offer the course for free, as well as other mental health services.

Is there any other help on offer?

Yes! We have peer lead group therapy that runs twice a week from our Burnley HQ.

Monday’s we have our ‘Man Alive’ group, Wednesday it’s ‘Women Survive’.

Both groups start at 6.30pm, and EVERYONE is welcome.

The groups are a great starting resource for people that are waiting for therapy.

We are delighted to have the NHS fund these groups.

If you or someone you know are interested in running a group in your area, please get in touch.

I want to help

Fantastic! The more the merrier.

We have a ‘PH7 Ambassador‘ program. For everyone that commits to the aim of raising £1000 per year, we will offer you free mental health first aid training.

We run lots of events and our dedicated fundraising and marketing department can help you achieve that £1000 aim.

Get in contact for more information.

Thank you for your donation

We’re working hard to improve Mental Health services in the North West and beyond.