Day 6

Blackburn to Burnley

Saturday September 7th 2019

It’s time to take ‘The Massive Mental Walk’ home.

PH7 and their army of mental health ambassadors have walked all over mental health, quite literally.

Now it is time to return to PH7 HQ and get our incredible team of staff and supporters back to their day jobs – not just talking about mental health, but actively trying to fix it.

We’ve walked through some of the toughest, and most depreived areas. Highlighted the mental health problems of city’s and towns, but now we need to make change happen.

Join us on our final leg, helping to highlight the support we’ve gained from the public, professionals, friends and family. Send us on our way, back to the work we love the most.

If there’s one thing we promise… with the money you’ve all raised, we WILL make change happen and we WILL save lives.

This is the day that promises a very emotional end.

The Journey


9.30am – Ewood Park 

5.30pm – HOME – PH7 HQ 

Total Miles: 15