Will’s Story

‘I wanted to go to bed and wake up in a month’


 ‘The loss of my identity nearly made me take my life’


Will was injured during his time in the army, and was placed in an office role. Will didn’t know how to deal with such a rapid life change, and the loss of his identity. He reached out for help after he was stood on a bridge, in army uniform ready to take his life. ‘A little old lady’ talked him round from the episode and Will is now working on getting his life and future back together.

Behind the scenes…


‘When we turned up to take Will’s portrait, he didn’t want to put his army uniform on. He said it would be frowned upon that he had a beard and would be in uniform. No amount of convincing could get Will to put that uniform on, so we placed it next to him.

Once Alex and I left the photo shoot, the significance of the uniform next to him became very apparent. It tells such a story!

The army is represented in the uniform, this was the thing that made Will lose himself and as a by-product almost cost him his life. Of course, he didn’t want to put it on, and rightly so. It spoke volumes when Will hung his head, reliving the worst moments of his life and the uniform simply stands beside him.’

Rebecca, PH7 Group Director.

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