Mick’s Story

‘The life and soul of the party that couldn’t leave the house’


 ‘The Life and soul of the party that couldn’t leave the house’


Most people describe me as ‘the life and soul’ of a party. Which I’m sure a lot of people with a mental illness can relate to. It’s a mask we wear to stop people getting behind the cracks in our armour.

I had to do the ‘Think Twice’ campaign because I know I’m a man that people would never have any idea had a mental health problem.

I want people to see that this tough guy. Confident. Life and soul of every party. Has been to hell and back, and all the time hid behind a smile. I had everyone fooled. I felt such a failure and ashamed.


Until that one day, up in the hills, alone, I decided to leave this life.

I battled with the demons and after 6 hours I finally came to a realisation and accepted the fact I had to reach out for help, and desperately.


 I am ‘living proof’, in every sense of the word, that you can come back from that dark hole. All you have to do is talk. I hope ‘Think Twice’ creates conversations between people and helps them open that door to help.

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